(New) RV8 Replacement Leather Seat Covers

All prices include VAT

(New) RV8 Replacement Leather Seat Covers


New RV8 Replacement Leather Seat Covers Including Head Rests.

Price per Pair. Please call to order.

British Made .

£1,162.50 exc. VAT
£1,250.00 exc. VAT
£2,084.96 exc. VAT

5 speed R380 Rebuilt Gearbox – Outright


Please call for Availability

£2,084.96 exc. VAT

5 speed R380 Rebuilt Gearbox – Exchange Only


Please call for Availability

£1,250.00 exc. VAT

Double s/s back box exhaust


British made. Larger 2″ Dia. outlet at rear.

£370.83 exc. VAT

EZ Electric Power Steering

Engineered specifically for the RV8 but now also available for the GTV8 , smooth and Silent in operation. Included in the kit is a new collapsible steering column. Makes light of parking and local driving.

£1,520.00 exc. VAT

GTV8 & Conversion full s/s exhaust (Big Bore)

This system includes a 2 1/2 ” pipe to improve  gas flow and increase performance. Also comes with a polished chrome tail pipe to finish it off nicely

All British Made.

£329.17 exc. VAT

MGBGT V8 Alloy Wheels

All  new alloy 15in replacement wheel, Polished rims that can be replaced if ever damaged.


Price per each. Please call to order.

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With 175 or 185/65 R15 tyres the rolling circumference is a little less than with the original 175 80 R14 tyre, so at 65mph on the speedo the actual speed is a little lower at 62.2 and 63.6mph respectively. Each wheel is 2kg lighter than the original Dunlop composite wheel.



£437.50 exc. VAT

MGBGTV8 steering rack C/B R/B Rebuilt (Exchange Only)

Exchange, reconditioned, rubber or chrome

£750.00 Surcharge. Please call to discuss exchange.

£245.83 exc. VAT

New V8 Propshaft (Any Ends Supplied)

British made

Fully balanced with three grease nipples and sliding joint

To order, please contact us with the length required.

£245.83 exc. VAT
£791.67 exc. VAT

Replacement Cat Heat Shield


Replacement Cat Heat Shield made from Heat Resistant Fibre Glass.

British Made.

£141.25 exc. VAT

RV8 Exhaust pipe without cats (R/H) Made in Stainless Steel


British made. R/H (longer Pipe)


£108.33 exc. VAT

RV8 17in Wheel

New RV8 17in Wheel. British Made

3 Piece split rim

Original centre cap fits this wheel

Recommended Tyre Size…..205 x 50 x 17   (Front & Rear)

£495.83 exc. VAT
£224.58 exc. VAT

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