MG RV8 Cooling Systems

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RV8 Metal connecting water pipe

Metal connecting water pipe (fits between the two bottom water hoses).

Part No. 2KC5004

British Made

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RV8 Radiator Spal Fan

O/E with better sealing to stop water ingress.

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RV8 High efficiency rad

With a more efficient core than the original one. Exchange only .Surcharge applicable £540.00 Refundable upon return of your old Radiator providing it is serviceable.

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RV8 water pump with free gasket

RV8 water pump with free gasket – British made.

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RV8 Expansion tank

Price for each

Part No. ARH259

This part has been improved from the original, by not having the steel ring at the top, that goes rusty with age and causes a problem.


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