(New) RV8 Inner Tie Rods

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(New) RV8 Inner Tie Rods

(New) RV8 Tie Rod, Forged Steel with Rolled on Threads.

British Made

Price Per Each


(New) RV8 Replacement Leather Seat Covers


New RV8 Replacement Leather Seat Covers Including Head Rests.

Price per Pair. Please call to order.

British Made .


(NEW) Smiths Duel 0-80 Oil/ Water Temperature Gauge


Smiths Duel 0-80 Oil/Water Temperature Gauge

Purchase outright, no exchange.

Made in England.


12V Trickle Charger

0.5 A Automatic Trickle charger, Fully automatic plug in battery charger.Suitable for 12V lead acid (Wet maintenance free,AMG &GEL)up to 100ah only.Suitable for start stop vehicles


5 Speed Gearbox Tunnel Extension

Gearbox Tunnel Extension for fitting a 5 Speed Gearbox.

British Made.



5 speed R380 Rebuilt Gearbox – Outright


Please call for Availability


5 speed R380 Rebuilt Gearbox – Exchange Only


Please call for Availability


A&R Amp Advance Retard Igntion Power Pre Amplifer

This hand built amplifier is an essential upgrade for any Rover V8 engine running a distributor thanks to the vastly increased spark output it provides, meaning that the fuel entering the cylinder is burned completely. This in turn can mean increased fuel economy and performance from your V8.



BBW Needles For SU Carbs

BBW Needles For Use With Cotton Filters

Price Per Each


Brass Rear Axle Breather With None Return Valve and O ring


Brass Rear Axle Breather with none return Valve and O ring


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